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"You leaned your head into mine, and I leaned my head into yours. Dancing cheek to cheek. Revolving slowly, eyes closed, heartbeat measure, nature's hum. It lasted the length of an old song, and then we stopped, kissed, and my heart stayed there, just like that." -David Levithan


i just said “i love lorelai” out loud as if i was talking about a friend i knew when in fact i was talking about gilmore girls

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i love that basically everyone everywhere has been binge watching gilmore girls since it came out on netflix, like what a unifying moment in our lives tbh

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In case you haven’t heard this recently:


You are doing a great job. No matter how small your progress is it’s still progress. I am proud of you and how far you have come. Keep up the great work!

I would love to dedicate 2015 to my creative projects. To focus my time on volunteering and creating YouTube content, attending conventions such as the Body Love Conference, VidCon, and VanCon 2015, and dedicating time to prioritizing my mental health. 

I enjoy going to school and I’m excited that my teaching career is almost here, but this education system is tearing me apart. The full course load, the job to pay for my tuition, my volunteering to get into grad school, and finding time to get the bare minimum I need to exercise, complete all my homework, make YouTube videos, cook food, and do my laundry, let alone keep my mental health together with the looming graduate exams and potential lack of employment in my future.

I am a student who has always loved school, who follows assignments to a tee, who thrives on getting 100% marks, but I feel like I’m losing it. My mental health is spiraling. I feel guilty for taking a mental health day off of classes and work. I feel ashamed for sleeping instead of doing homework. I cannot remember the last time I did not think about school for a day, and I have night terrors about forgetting a due date for an essay.

I want my creativity back. I want my passions back. I want my positivity and energy to be back on an everyday basis, and not solely when I am on school breaks. I don’t want to be that adult who gets burnt out and becomes bitter. I want to still care, and I feel like I don’t have enough time to anymore.

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Can we take a moment to applaud Jensen on this episode?

Not only did he do an amazing job as Demon!Dean,

but he also directed it.

He is so incredibly talented and deserves more recognition.


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jensen is so good this season


I love th fact that at first Supernatural had a total budget of 20.000 $. An what I love most is that you can tell just from the first opening.


It’s almost like it’s yelling: “LOOK HOW FUCKING CHEAP WE ARE! We probably won’t last more than two seasons!”

But guess what?


they did.

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Guns on the wall and a bed all his own.
Porn and some pie and Led Zeppelin is home.
Whiskey and Family and Baby and Sam-
These are a few of Dean’s favorite things.

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What have I done?

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